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We at BoT, have got the process of building, editing, publishing and marketing online videos down to a T. We build every video from scratch and most projects take 4-6 weeks to complete. We typically follow the seven steps below.

Here is the state of the art laser guided missile we were talking about!


Step 1: Research
We ask a lot of questions! That’s because we want to know everything there is to know about your idea, project, product or service. The first thing any successful project needs is good research to define the type of video you need. We also spend enough time to closely study your target audience. This process helps us align our mutual goals with your vision of the final product.

Step 2: Scripting
All the research is then distilled into a concept. Our ace scriptwriters and story artists get down to fleshing out the concept into a short engaging script. Since attention spans in the Internet Age are on the decline, we need to make sure your message is lucid and has a lasting impact. If you have a great script idea for your video, jump on board! Let’s work on it together.

Step 3: Voiceover
If the script calls for a professional voice artist, we begin the process of voice casting by sending you samples of voice artists who would probably fit the script best. Once you’ve chosen a voice artist, we go ahead and record the voice over for the video.

Step 4: Animatic
Now our Story artists begin to craft a unique visual style for your video as they begin to stage and storyboard the script, ending up with a comic book version of your video. A moving slide show of the storyboard images are edited to the voice track- this is called the Moving storyboard or Animatic. The Animatic is a critical step in the production of your video, it helps us to make sure the visual style and progression of the video match your expectations and also give a glimpse of what the final video will look like which helps minimize the hassles and delays that changes and revisions create.

Step 5: Production
Once the voiceover and animatic are completed and approved, we begin final animation on the video.

Step 6: Music and Sound
Our professional musicians and sound designers compose a score and add sound effects to bring your video to life.

Step 7: Publishing
With the animation and audio complete, your spanking brand new video is now ready to be published! Wooohoooo!!!!


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