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Communication is the act of conveying information to cause a shared understanding. It's at the source of everything! It has the power to create, connect and inspire. It's what opens the door and let's possibility walk into reality and if you look closely, it even has the amazing ability to shape reality as we know it.

Here at BoT we equip your idea, project, product or service with one of the most effective forms of communication - Video!

We do this by simply seeing what you have to offer from the perspective of your target audience and create a custom animated video that not just explains ‘how’ but also tells a story of ‘why’ in a way that transforms their reality.

In other words we strap your idea with a state of the art laser guided missile ready to blow your target audience away! (That’s supposed to be a good thing)


At BoT we’re a bunch of designers, animators, script writers, musicians, sound designers and one dog :) committed to enabling and empowering your idea, project, product or service by creating spectacular videos that engage, inspire and powerfully call your audience into action, for you, you and you!


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